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Movies starring "Kuhdet Honasan"

Rent Maharot
Maharot (2006)
Starring:Kuhdet Honasan, Clark Concepcion
Maharot, a teasing love story of a naughty girl named Cecil (Kuhdet Honasan).
The story heightened when Venel (Clark Concepcion), the soldier lover of Cecil, was assigned in Mindanao for a military mission. Days passed by, with the absence of his girlfriend's caring heart, he seeks sexual pas... read more


Night Job
Rent Night Job
Night Job (2005)
Starring:Crystal King, Dianne Marquez, Inah Allegre, Kuhdet Honasan
A story of survival and quest for true identity. Rica came from an oppressed family. Her mother became seriously ill when her Japanese father abandoned them for unknown reasons. Selling of flash has been her only means of clinging to life - soehow alleviate their existence. One night a Japanese ... read more


Roses And Lollipops
Rent Roses And Lollipops
Roses And Lollipops (2006)
Starring:Kat De Santos, Kuhdet Honasan
When Judith fell deeply in love with one of their house helpers, she decided to leave the extravigant living she had, not knowing that this is will be the start of her misery and sufferings in the hand of her lover. In order to survive, she became a bar dancer and exploited her flesh just to earn a ... read more


Rent Tukso
Tukso (2006)
Starring:Kuhdet Honasan, Raja Montero
Two ladies, with two different stories of survival, for devoted love, thirst for desire and battle for life's survival.

Teresa (Rajah Montero) and Roberto (Jon Romano) were officemates, who were accidently married because of un expected pregnancy. Conflict arises when Roberto meets a... read more