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Movies starring "Nika Madrid"

Ang Bukid Ay Basa 2
Rent Ang Bukid Ay Basa 2
Ang Bukid Ay Basa 2 (2020)
Starring:Nika Madrid, Paolo Rivero, Yani Garcia
This is a story of a poor girl named Sabel(Nika Madrid). She lives with her parents who depend on unirrigated rice fields as the only source of living. Their lives becomes even harder when they cannot plant rice due to drought. Sable's childhood sweetheart Rafael (Paolo Rivero), like her family, als... read more


Hamog Sa Bukang Liwayway
Rent Hamog Sa Bukang Liwayway
Hamog Sa Bukang Liwayway (2005)
Starring:Francis Enriquez, Mark Dionisio, Nika Madrid, Rizza Rossing, Via Veloso
When Arturo (Baldo Marro) was put into jail because of drug trafficking, Eva (Via Veloso) shouldered all the responsibilities in raising their daughter, Belinda (Nika Madrid). Trying all the possible job, she sells herself to men in order for them to survive. Due to hopelessness, Eva decided to go t... read more


Rent Lipstick
Lipstick (2005)
Starring:Kat De Santos, Muke Perez, Nika Madrid
Her body was painted with lipstick by the maniacs who raped and killed her family. Now, whenever she sees lipstick, the memory of that horrifying ordeal slices her mind like a knife, until the pain is replaced by growing hatred. But she cannot forgive and forget. The mere sight of blood-red lipstick... read more


Mga Kalapati Sa Gabi
Rent Mga Kalapati Sa Gabi
Mga Kalapati Sa Gabi (2009)
Starring:Kat De Santos, Nika Madrid
The Story revolves around the plight of five women, Inna (Kat De Santos), Money (Raja Montero), Salve (Maye Tongco), Andrea (Nika Madrid), and Dolor (Angela Ortiz) and what drives them to do what is against their will.... read more


Reel Sex Vol. 3
Rent Reel Sex Vol. 3
Reel Sex Vol. 3 (2008)
Starring:Emilio Garcia, Gabby Conception, Kat De Santos, Nika Madrid, Raja Montero
Mga Kalapati Sa Gabi
Mga Babae sa Isla Asul
... read more


Sa Pagitan Ng Langit
Rent Sa Pagitan Ng Langit
Sa Pagitan Ng Langit (2009)
Starring:Clark Concepcion, Nika Madrid
Apo Lorenzo (Clark Concepcion) is well known to their barrio as faith healer. Little do they know that he is a leader of a cult and taking advantage of his female patients...... read more


Sex Travaganza
Rent Sex Travaganza
Sex Travaganza (2009)
Starring:Alma Soriano, Clarissa Mercado, Halina Perez, Kat De Santos, May Tongco, Nika Madrid, Raja Montero, Red Riviera, Tracy Torres, Yani Garcia, Ynez Veneracion
Sex in the Philippine Cinema - An all star cast.... read more


Unang Tikim
Rent Unang Tikim
Unang Tikim (2006)
Starring:Nika Madrid, Rev Reyes
Mitos (Nika Madrid) is a typical bar girl whoe sells flesh just to augment a living. Danny Boy (Rev Reyes), a typical school teenager who fell in love with her despite being a prositute.

Everything altered when she let Danny Boy experience his "first time". Both share the course of bo... read more